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Fish Inc Centre 13 Squid

  • Fish Inc Centre 13
  • Fish Inc Centre 13
  • Fish Inc Centre 13
  • Fish Inc Centre 13

Centre 13



  • 4 Colour Full Set


Fish Inc Centre 13

The Fish Inc Centre 13 is designed to be trolled or cast, it has a classic squid profile, long silicone tentacles and flashing ribbons feelers that make it swim with a tight action at all speeds and mimics the fast movements of squid. Built with heavy duty ABS, a through-wire design and tough Owner single hooks.

Lure Details

Model Length Weight Action Hook Size
ACF-340 170mm 55g Squid Owner HD Singles

Additional Features

  • Fitted with long silicon tentacles
  • Reinforced ABS construction
  • Ultrasonically welded and tank tested for leakage
  • Fitted with two Owner SD Singles
  • Available in 4 squid imitating colours

Features include dazzling finishes, a fixed weight for balanced swimming action at speed and a lively skirt and tentacles for added attraction and strike triggers.

The Fish Inc Centre 13 squid bait is rigged with genuine Owner heavy duty singles and features reinforced ABS construction and solid wire through body.

The Centre Squid profile lure is available in Centre 12 - 150mm/35g and Centre 13 - 170mm/55g.









4 Colour Lure Set


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