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Fish Inc FishaJig 30g 120mm Jigs

Fish Inc Lures - quality fishing lures
  • Fish Inc FishaJig 30 Zinc Jigs
  • Fish Inc FishaJig 30 Zinc Jigs
  • Fish Inc FishaJig 30 Zinc Jigs
  • Fish Inc FishaJig 30 Zinc Jigs
  • Fish Inc FishaJig 30 Zinc Jigs

314 Red White


360 Egg Shell


361 Cooked Squid


362 Blue Head


364 Bay Squid


5 Colour Full Set


Fishajig 30g



  • 5 Colour Full Set


Fish Inc Lures Fishajig 30 metal lure

The ultimate casting jig - the Fishajig 30 is a 30g 120mm metal jig constructed from Zinc which is harder than lead, creating a quality finish and improving the strength and durability, maintaining its shape and ensuring a consistent action. A bottom heavy jig, the Fishajig has an erratic action when retrieved and can be flipped to be fished top heavy for a slower action.

Its slim profile makes it easy to retrieve, while also aiding in casting distance and sink time. The Fishajig's design makes it extremely versatile and it is an ideal jig for slow jigging when targeting bottom fish, while also producing the bite when jigged faster and more aggressively or fished as a high speed casting jig.

The Fish Inc Fishajig is available in 4 different sizes 30g, 60g, 90g and 120g zinc jigs and each size is available in 5 bait fish colours.

The Fish Inc Lures FishaJig comes unrigged and can either be rigged with a treble on the back or preferably assist hook rig on the front ring.

The ultimate casting jig for shore and boat based angling for targeting a variety of saltwater game fish.

Lure Details

Model Weight Length Action
FISHAJIG 30 30g 120mm Sinking Jig
FISHAJIG 60 60g 155mm Sinking Jig
FISHAJIG 90 90g 170mm Sinking Jig
FISHAJIG 120 120g 190mm Sinking Jig

Additional Features

  • Glow in the dark strip on the body
  • Streamlined for better casting distance, faster sink rate and easy retrieve
  • Rig from either nose or tail to adjust the action
  • Made from zinc which has a bigger profile for the same weight and is harder thus more durable
  • Rig with assist hook (recommended) or treble.

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