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Fish Inc Tighthead Prop 140mm Stickbait

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  • Fish Inc Tighthead Prop
  • Fish Inc Tighthead Prop
  • Fish Inc Tighthead Prop
  • Fish Inc Tighthead Prop

Tighthead Prop 140



  • 4 Colour Full Lure Set


Fish Inc Tighthead Prop

The Fish Inc Tighthead Prop is a sinking stickbait that was built to be slightly larger and heavier than the Fish Inc Wing to offer a slightly bigger baitfish profile to predators. It features a blade mounted on the lower belly ring, to create additional flash and vibration on the sink and retrieve. The blade also gives the Tighthead Prop an erratic fall on sinking, often resulting in a strike before you have even started your retrieve. Let it sink and hold on as your next bite may come sooner than you think.

The Fish Inc Tighthead Prop can be fished in a variety of ways whether it be a high speed surface retrieve or worked from the depths to the surface.

This versatile lure will catch most saltwater game fish's attention and works well on a range of species including mackerel, trevally, tailor, dolphinfish, tuna and more...

Lure Details

Model Length Weight Action Hook
ACF-347 140mm 62g Sinking Owner HD singles

Additional Features

  • Solid wire through body
  • Available in 4 amazing bait fish colours
  • Fixed weight system (silent)
  • Ultrasonically welded and tank tested
  • Fitted with Owner HD Single hooks

The Fish Inc Tighthead Prop lures feature quality finishes, durable construction and is also available as the Fish Inc Prop - 140mm, 62g fitted with heavy duty Owner quality ST-56 TREBLE hooks and Tighthead Prop - 140mm, 60g fitted with heavy duty Owner quality SINGLE hooks for improved catch and release fishing.

Natural sardine


Pink shiner (lumo)


Pearl red head (lumo)




4 Pack Full Lure Set


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