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Owner - Split Ring Hyper Wire

P12 Hyperwire Split Rings
  • Owner - Split Ring Hyper Wire

Owner P12 SPLIT RINGS - Hyperwire

The Model 5196 Owner split rings are super heavy duty and ideal for connecting hooks to all sizes of lures. Made from the highest quality stainless steel, they will not deform and are quick to “spring-back” after opening.

These split rings require a good quality Split Ring tool to open.

Split Ring Details

Size/N Model Strength (lb) Strength (kg) Pack Qty
#4 5196-044 50 23 10
#5 5196-054 60 27 9
#6 5196-064 70 31 8

Split Ring Features

  • Heavy duty ring when strength is everything
  • Test rated from #4 ring at 50lb through to #6 at 70lb
  • Retrofit all lures for saltwater, big poppers etc
  • Heavy duty stainless steel, bright finish

Owner Hyper Wire Split Rings


Owner - Split Ring Hyper Wire


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