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Fish Inc Flanker 115mm Stickbait

  • Fish Inc Flanker 115 Stickbait
  • Fish Inc Flanker 115 Stickbait
  • Fish Inc Flanker 115 Stickbait
  • Fish Inc Flanker 115 Stickbait
  • Fish Inc Flanker 115 Stickbait

Flanker 115




The Fish Inc Flanker stick baits are designed for targeting fish that want a high speed bait fish presentation.

Ideal for that light tackle flick stick the Flanker has a great casting ability and comes in a variety of match the hatch fish colours. The Fish Inc Flanker 115 stick baits can be fished in a variety of different ways to suit the water conditions at hand.

For both shore based and offshore angling, this versatile stick bait lure design, proven colours and life-like finishes make the Flanker 115 a go-to for Tuna, Mackerel, Tailor, Salmon, Trevally, Queenfish and more...

Lure Specifications

Model Length Weight Action Hook Size
ACF-115 115mm 28g Sinking ST56 TN #4

Additional Features

  • Solid wire through body
  • Ultrasonically welded and tank tested
  • For both offshore and shore based angling
  • Fitted with ST-56 Owner treble hooks
  • Available in 5 bait fish colours

The Fish Inc Flanker stickbaits are available in 2 sizes as a Flanker - 85mm, 19g and Flanker - 115mm, 28g.

Fitted with heavy duty Owner ST-56 quality treble hooks.

This slim sinking baitfish imitation can be worked at high speed for hungry pelagics, or twitched slowly on the drop for deeper predators. Available in 85mm/19g and 115mm/28g sizes, there’s 5 striking colour options to choose from.

Select an individual lure colour to match the bait fish or get ALL 5 LURE COLOURS in the set for a great price giving you the ability to select the lure colour depending on what bait fish your target fish are chasing.

A closer look at the Fish Inc Lures Flanker series of stickbaits and these slender pencil-bodied sinking lures come in 85mm/19g and 115mm/28g options, making them an ideal snack-sized offering for both smaller and large pelagics when worked at speed on the surface. Alternatively, let them sink with some twitch-and-pause down the front of reef edges and over drop-offs to target reef species. Precision moulded from tough ABS on a through-wire tow and anchor design, and fitted with x-tough Owner trebles, they come in 5 electric finishes - get onboard and crank up the pace with a Fish Inc Flanker.

How to use Sinking Stickbaits

Casting: Cast the lure to your desired location, aiming for areas where fish are likely to be present, such as around structure, drop-offs, or feeding areas.

Retrieve Technique: Once the lure hits the water, let it sink to your desired depth. The sinking rate will vary depending on the lure's weight and design. Once it reaches the desired depth, start your retrieve.

Jerk and Pause: Use a combination of jerks and pauses to imitate the erratic behavior of injured prey. Jerk the rod tip sharply, then pause for a moment to allow the lure to sink and flutter. This action can trigger predatory fish to strike.

Vary the Retrieve Speed: Experiment with retrieving at different speeds to test what the fish are responding to. Sometimes a slow, steady retrieve works best, while other times a faster, more aggressive retrieve may entice strikes.

Pay Attention: Keep an eye on your line and rod tip for any signs of a strike or subtle movements indicating fish activity. Be ready to set the hook when you feel a bite or see a fish following the lure.

Adjusting Depth: If you want to fish at different depths, you can vary the sink rate of the lure by adjusting the weight or size of the sinking stickbait. Lighter lures will sink slower, while heavier lures will sink faster.

Practice catch and release fishing to ensure the sustainability of fish populations.

More floating and sinking stickbaits can be found here.

Pink Back


Half Beak






Clear Pearl


5 Colour Full Lure Set


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