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Fish Inc Lock 160mm Slender Jerkbait

  • Fish Inc Lock 160 Minnow
  • Fish Inc Lock 160 Minnow
  • Fish Inc Lock 160 Minnow
  • Fish Inc Lock 160 Minnow
  • Fish Inc Lock 160 Minnow
  • Fish Inc Lock 160 Minnow

Lock 160



Fish Inc Lock Minnow Fishing Lure

The Fish Inc Lock fishing lure is a long minnow jerk bait that imitates a long slender bait fish. The Fish Inc Lock is a versatile bait that can be used to target a wide variety of game fish species.

It can be used from both shore and off a boat. Works best with a jerk, jerk, pause retrieve. The Fish Inc Lock also has a weight transfer system that allows it to be cast a long way with ease.

Perfect for a variety of species from Salmon and Tailor, to Trevally, Mackerel, Mulloway, Barramundi, Mahi Mahi, Kingfish, reef species and more. The Fish Inc Lock comes out the box fitted with 3 heavy duty Owner ST-56 treble hooks and quality split rings.

Lure Details

Model Length Weight Action Hook Size
ACF-314 160mm 29g Suspend ST56 TN #4

Additional Features

  • Weight transfer system
  • Reinforced ABS construction
  • Ultrasonically welded and tank tested for leakage
  • Fitted with two Owner ST Treble Belly hooks + Owner ST Treble tail hook
  • Available in 6 fish attracting colours

The Lock 160mm minnow lures feature quality finishes, durable wire through construction and come fitted with 3 Owner trebles and weight transfer system which gives the lure a unique swim action like a wounded bait fish.

What is a minnow fishing lure

A minnow lure is a type of fishing lure that is designed to imitate a small minnow or baitfish, which are common prey for many predatory fish species. Minnow lures come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, but they generally have a slim, elongated body shape that resembles a small fish.

These lures are typically made of hard plastic or metal and are equipped with one or more treble hooks. They often feature realistic paint patterns and finishes that mimic the appearance of a real minnow, including detailed scales, fins, and eyes. Some minnow lures also have additional features such as rattles or diving lips to enhance their effectiveness.

When fishing with a minnow lure, anglers use a variety of retrieval techniques to imitate the natural swimming action of a minnow. This can include a steady retrieve, a stop-and-go retrieve, or a twitching and jerking motion to mimic the darting movements of a wounded fish. The goal is to create a lifelike presentation that attracts predatory fish and entices them to strike.

Minnow lures can be effective for a wide range of freshwater and saltwater species, including bass, pike, muskies, walleye, trout, snook, and redfish, among others. They are versatile lures that can be used in various fishing scenarios, such as casting from shore, trolling from a boat, or jigging vertically in deep water.

Overall, minnow lures are popular among anglers because they imitate a common food source for many fish species and have a realistic swimming action that can trigger strikes.

Pearl red head (lumo)


Pink belly shad






Blue shad




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