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Kingdom Shrimp Lure

Kingdom Shrimp Lure



Kingdom 4002 46mm 21g Shrimp Lure

This lure emulates a shrimp and has a tail spinner for added flash to attract your target fish. It can be cast and worked in a pause retrieve action or used like a deep jig and left to sink to bottom and then worked back up to give the action of a live shrimp. Its superior hard body and finish will provide long service life giving you the opportunity to catch multiple fish on the same lure. The Kingdom 46mm Shrimp comes out the pack fitted with VMC (BKK) hooks.

Lure Details

Model Length Weight Action
4002 46mm 21g Shrimp Lure

The 4002 Shrimp is available in 4 shrimp mimicing colours ready to take on any fish, such as Bream, Yellow Belly and Snapper.

Additional Features

  • Tail Spinner for added flash
  • Can be cast or used as sinking jig
  • Shore based or offshore angling
  • Made from solid Zinc
  • Rigged with VMC (BKK) hooks

Gold Shrimp


Pink Shrimp


RedHead Shrimp


Coral Shrimp


4 Colour Full Lure Set


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