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GT Lures - performance fishing lures
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Owner All-Purpose Single Hooks

Genuine Owner quality fishing hooks

  • Owner SSW Singles
  • Owner SSW Singles

SSW Singles

SSW 5115


Owner SSW Single Hooks

Owner has left no stone unturned in their range of all-purpose fishing hooks. Designed in Japan and containing all of Owner’s cutting edge hook technology, the all-purpose range accounts for using live baits, cut baits, trolling, and fly fishing. Each hook in the range is designed with a core recreational species in mind. Where it be mulloway off the beach, flathead in the estuary, or mullet in the backwater, there is a an Owner hook that covers it. The range contains hooks in the tin, red, black and chrome finish, which means that all water conditions are accounted for. Whatever fishing scenario you are embarking on, Owner has the sharpest, strongest, and sturdiest hook for you.

Super Needle Point Single Hook Details

Model Size Pack Qty
5115-093 #1 8
5115-103 #1 8
5115-113 #1/0 7
5115-123 #2/0 6

Perfect for a range of baits for targeting species from Snapper, Kingfish, Salmon, Tailor, Mulloway, Snook and more...

Single Hook Features

  • Super sharp "NEEDLE POINT"
  • Twisted hook point for better hook set and penetration
  • Ringed eyelet for easy tying
  • Forged hangnail point & wire material
  • Red finish

Owner SSW Single #2


Owner SSW Single #1


Owner SSW Single #1/0


Owner SSW Single #2/0


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