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Soft Plastic Crayfish Yabby Lure

Soft Craw 100mm



  • 4 Colour Full Set


Truscend Soft Plastic Cray Fish

The Truscend Soft plastic cray lure is the perfect bait size at 100mm and is built using a tough degradable soft plastic material ready to take on multiple hits. The realistic shape of this soft plastic cray fish perfectly represents many small crustaceans such as prawn, shrimp, crab, insect or yabby which are on the menu of many fresh and saltwater fish species.

With 4 striking colours the Truscend Soft Craw has a unique lifelike claw design to entice fish to bite and feelers that mimic a crab or yabby perfectly. The Truscend Craw Soft Plastics two-tone patterns and fleck are enhanced with a salt-rich concentration and unique fish attracting scent.

Vibration and flutter are created by the legs and body profile and with just a little jerk on the rod, this soft plastic craw lure will appeal as an enticing meal for any hungry fish.

Whether you are fishing reefs, rock walls, deep structure or shallow under pontoons the Truscend Soft Craw will become your go-to soft plastic. The Soft Craw has a body design which allows it to be easily rigged to your favourite jig head or worm hook.

Use them to target Bass, Yellowbelly, Jewfish, Salmon, Tailor and most pelagics in the white wash water.

Add your favourite lure scent or use these lures as they are and get ready for that big hit !!

Lure Details

Model Length Weight Action Pack Size
TSC1 100mm 13g Soft Craw 8 pcs

Soft Plastic Craw Lure Features

  • Saltwater and Freshwater fishing
  • Tough silicon plastic provides for multiple catches with same lure
  • 8 lures in each pack
  • Available in 4 colours for use in different water conditions
  • Enhanced with fish attracing scent
  • Can be easily rigged with jig head or worm hook

Soft craw soft plastic lures></span>
<p>Each pack comes complete with 8 lures in each pack. Select from any of the 4 natural looking craw fish colours to match the environment and target species feed offer.</p><p>Match these soft craw lures to your favourite jig head or worm hook and use a slow jerk pause jerk retrieve to target Snapper, Flathead, Bream, Trevally, Whiting, Trout, Bass, Mulloway and many more..</p>
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