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Soft Plastic Shrimp Fishing Lure

Shrimp 100mm



  • 3 Colour Full Set


Lushazer Soft Plastic Shrimp

With 3 realistic shrimp colours, the Lushazer Shrimp comes complete with feelers, legs and eyes to present your target species with an impressive bait that would be irresistable to any hungry fish.

Swim action has vibration and flutter which are created by the legs and body profile and with just a little jerk on the rod, this soft plastic craw lure will appeal as an enticing meal for any hungry fish.

Whether you are fishing in the surf, on reefs, rock walls, deep structure or shallow water under pontoons these shrimp lures will become your favourite soft plastic.

Rig the lure to a jig head or worm hook and use the shrimp to target Bass, Yellowbelly, Jewfish, Salmon, Tailor and many more...

Add your favourite lure scent or use these shrimp lures as they are and get ready for that big hit !!

Lure Details

Model Length Weight Action Pack Size
LSL1 100mm 3.5g Shrimp 5 pcs

Soft Plastic Shrimp Lure Features

  • Saltwater and Freshwater fishing
  • Tough silicon plastic provides for multiple catches with same lure
  • 5 shrimps in each pack
  • Available in 3 life like colours for use in different water conditions
  • Can be easily rigged to various hooks

Each pack comes complete with 5 lures to target Snapper, Flathead, Bream, Trevally, Whiting, Trout, Bass, Mulloway and many more...

Realistic shrimp soft plastic lures

Fishing with Soft Plastic Shrimp Lures

Fishing with soft plastic shrimp lures can be an effective technique for targeting a variety of saltwater and freshwater fish species. Here's a guide on how to fish with soft plastic shrimp lures:

1. Rigging the lure: Depending on the specific soft plastic shrimp lure you have, there are various ways to rig it. One common method is to insert a weedless hook into the body of the shrimp bait, ensuring it is secure. You can also use a jig head or a weighted hook to give the lure more weight and casting distance.

2. Location selection: Look for areas where fish are likely to be present, such as shallow flats, near grass beds, around mangroves, or near underwater structures. Shrimp are often found in these areas, so it's a good place to start.

3. Casting and retrieval: Cast the soft plastic shrimp lure into the desired location, allowing it to sink to the desired depth. Once it reaches the desired depth, begin the retrieval. There are different retrieval techniques you can try:

  • Steady retrieve: A slow and steady retrieve can mimic a shrimp swimming through the water. This is effective for enticing certain species, such as snapper or coral trout.
  • Jigging retrieve: Use a series of short, sharp rod twitches to make the lure hop and dart like a fleeing shrimp. This technique can simulate an injured or escaping shrimp, attracting predator fish like bream or flathead
  • Bouncing retrieve: Allow the lure to sink to the bottom and then gently bounce it along the bottom by lifting and dropping your rod tip. This imitates a shrimp feeding or crawling along the bottom and can be effective for species like kingfish or trevally.

4. Experiment with presentation: Fish can be selective in their feeding habits, so it's worth trying different presentation styles. Vary your retrieve speed, pause briefly during the retrieve, or add occasional twitches or jerks to make the lure appear more lifelike.

5. Be patient and observant: Keep an eye on your line for any sudden movements or tension, as this may indicate a fish has taken the lure. Additionally, pay attention to any signs of fish activity, such as baitfish jumping or birds diving. These can be indicators of potential feeding zones.

It's important to note that different fish species have different feeding habits and preferences, so it's a good idea to research the specific species you are targeting and adjust your techniques accordingly. Also, make sure to comply with local fishing regulations and obtain any necessary fishing licenses before heading out.







3 pk Full Set


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